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             The following is a guide maintain whaff to quickly make money .To make money from whaff , you had to finish all mission ...


The following is a guide maintain whaff to quickly make money .To make money from whaff , you had to finish all mission and a supply whaff , whether it is downloading application / games , runs missions daily , consume. in social network to maximize income and others .For those of you who just register whaff , the following are step was the first to produce money the most striking .

The first step after whaff list

After registering cj22386 whaff and typed the code , so automatically balances in account whaff you will be 0,30 dollars .It is a bonus one when whaff register , you get a bonus was only once , a moment after registering. 

While to get dollars dollars next, you can do something easy follows :

  • Share whaff at google plus: handing out link provided by whaff to google account plus , you will be paid 0.20 dollars,
  • Give like on fanspage official whaff: ' ngelike' fanspage whaff on facebook you will be paid 0.10 dollars 
  • Writing a review of about whaff in play store: you can get by 0.15 dollars free only by writing a review of or give rating to whaff in play store .
  • Call friend facebook to use whaff: call friend facebook to be users whaff called also ' invite share & amp; earn' , you will be paid 0.01 dollars per friend who you act to use whaff .Whaff will continue paying andawalaupun friend facebook ignoring solicitation you .Imagine when you at least have 5,000 friend facebook , then you will easily can get 50 us dollars money free .( just a friend who use android just , to be detected by whaff ) .

To four ways easy for free dollars on can you find in menu whaff picks on accounts whaff you.

Download the games

Download application and the game is the main steps you to get the money from whaff.Is.There are three category by the commission that differ between each application that downloaded.All three categories was :
  • Premium Picks
  • Whaff Picks
  • Lucky Picks
  • Other Picks
All picks picks up provides many applications and games you can download to get ' paid' .

Excellence premium picks

Premium picks provide various kinds of the applications and games with three types of commission as well as in 1 application that download .

Such as the application of such a picture on: we chat

  1. You will get a commission 0,20 dollars after download 
  2. you too will get a commission every day 0,06 dollars if run we chat for 2 minutes a day .
  3. If the application we chat stay onboard hp android ( ) not removed , then you will be paid 0,01 every day until a certain period of time .

The good news, you can downloading all the applications and a game in premium picks simultaneously to give more make money.

Of questions that are frequently emerge, do whaff this really pay users?
Whaff are application rewards best for now, and have received high-grade in play store as an application rewards producer money & amp; gift card.Of course whaff this already have credibility high & amp; trusty.You can see & gt; & gt; proof of payment whaff to judge own, how easy it is earn a living by whaff.

Thus a guide and maintain whaff to quickly make money .If you already have cell phone android that is main capital you , jikalaupun you still do not have cell phone android you can borrow / buy .Do not waste a golden opportunity to get money free .There have been many users whaff having income of up to thousands of dollars or tens of millions of rupiah .Action now ! !

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